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Guitar Repairs

Guitar Strength provides extensive guitar repair and set-up services in Rhode Island in addition and as a supplement to it's core of private guitar instruction.  Guitar repair, maintenance, and set up work can be performed as "drop-off" work (with quick turnaround!) or as a one-on-one lesson in the proper procedures of performing the "secret"  operations that will keep your guitar playing great for years to come!

Guitar Strength offers the following guitar repair, maintenance, and set up services:

-String Change and basic set-up, plus lube and polish

-Floating Tremolo set-up
-Truss rod adjustment
-resetting of warped necks
-electronics repair and installation.  (Thorough electronics cleaning and testing are free with every set up.)
-String gauge change (intonation, action, bridge, and neck adjustment)
-misc. nut modification and installation
-misc. tremolo modification and installation
-pickup installation
-tuner repair/replacement

Any other problems not mentioned can also be repaired.  As long as you haven't smashed it on purpose (and even if you did), THERE IS NO ISSUE WITH A GUITAR THAT GUITAR STRENGTH CANNOT FIND A WAY TO FIX!  (Contact for consultation and estimates.)

Rates are $40 per hour for all guitar repair, maintenance, and set-up work with an extra house call fee of $10 for in-home private guitar repair lessons.  Most repairs cost $50 or less!  Contact for consultation and quotes.