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Custom Rig Design

Every great guitarist needs an efficient, versatile rig that compliments their voice as a player with maximum expressiveness and minimum hassle.  Guitar Strength specializes in custom amp rig, rack, and pedal systems designed for years of intuitive, "tour-tough" performance. 

Guitar Strength has a background of 22 years of research and know-how, as well as over a decade of major rig designs and implementations. 

Let us build the rig of your dreams, from a relatively simple true bypass pedalboard in conjuction with an amp switching system, to a full MIDI rack with near infinite effects and amp switching capabilities, all with Guitar Strength's renowned attention to the  ease, quality, and cleanliness of design.

Love your tone and take control of it's possibilities!  Contact for a consultation and estimate.

Check out below for a few pics of my most recent pedalboard build for one of my clients: