The BEST Private Guitar Lessons in Rhode Island!
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Custom Guitar Work

In addition to private guitar lessons in Rhode Island, Guitar Strength is proud to offer professional one-of-a-kind guitar builds and extensive customization of existing instruments.  Guitar Strength provides custom builds of modern hod-rod instruments as well as upgrades to existing instruments including:
-Pickup upgrades and installation
-bridge and nut upgrades and modifications
-custom body work and routing
- extreme shred set-ups (intonation, action, friction reduction, etc.)

Custom builds are designed in conjunction with expert local luthiers and custom parts manufacturers.  Custom features may include:

-Scalloped fretboards
-Active electronics
-custom artwork and routing
-onboard effects
-locking tuner installation
-Installation of roller nuts, TUSQ nuts, locking nuts ,and nut slotting
-bridge post strengthening
-precision playability and tone shaping
-ergonomic personalization

All custom options and ideas can and will be assembled with expert consultation.  Contact for more information on custom guitar modification and custom guitar creation.