The BEST Private Guitar Lessons in Rhode Island!
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Correspondence Lessons

              As an additional tool for aspiring guitarists who wish to learn but cannot commit to a scheduled weekly lesson, or for those whose schedules are too hectic, etc., GuitarStrength offers correspondence guitar lessons to students of all levels.
            Lessons may be taken:
                        Every week
                        Every 2 weeks
                        Once a month

            Content-wise, Guitar Strength’s correspondence lessons are the equivalent of the best 1-hour lesson you’ll ever have.  But more focused, more organized, and perfectly tailored to YOU.

            Lessons begin with a phone and/or email consultation, in which YOUR musical tastes, abilities, and goals will be assessed.  Within 24 hours, an initial monthly syllabus for your personal lesson program is emailed to you, along with the first lesson’s materials.  Each installment of lesson materials will include text, music/tab, audio examples (slow and at speed), and video files (when applicable). 

            Follow-up email dialog is welcome and encouraged, allowing me to fine tune the lessons accordingly, as well as provide supplemental materials and song transcriptions.  Finally, student assessments will be taken every 4 lessons (via the web), ensuring optimum progress and perfectly designed lessons. 

            Unlike other well-known (and more expensive) “cookie-cutter” courses, Guitar Strength’s correspondence lessons are designed specifically for the individual student, teaching the songs, techniques, and theories that YOU want to know and learn.

            To schedule your FREE consultation, click here.

            Or, if you’re ready to sign up, click the link below which suits your schedule best (all payments are SECURE through PAYPAL, cancel anytime).

$35 per lesson

Every two weeks
$35 per lesson

Once a month
$35 per lesson